Enviromental Organizations Fight The Fight

If for one second we think Americans do not care, millions of dollars are pouring into environmental organisations for legal battles that are fighting for our country’s forests, oceans, mountains, lakes, farmlands, and cities survival. The current president’s fight on American soil began the minute he took office. His plan to dismantle the EPA started by putting someone at the helm that does not believe in climate control changing rules and regulations on affecting all these things as well as the very air we breathe.

Forests and Parklands

Some of the top environmental organizations are challenging the reversal of some of the laws that protect our parks and forest lands. Natural parks climate order was reversed. This law required park stewards to plan and protect these lands based on scientific evidence in making decisions about the land. From effects of wildlife preservation to allowing pipe lines and other industries take parklands to giving the Park and Forest stewards the proper tools to carry out their jobs has all been put to the wayside under this administration.

Oceans and Lakes

There are at least 10 or environmental organizations fighting for the survival of Ocean and Lake wild life. Protections that have been revoked are protections on many fish and including the sea turtles. Off shore drilling protection has been dropped as well as the rule against toxic discharge into our waterways, these are laws/rules that protected our water, ecosystem and food supplies.


Rules reversed pertaining to our glorious mountains are methane reporting, fracking and coal production pertaining to emissions allowed into our atmosphere. The national monument law that gives presidents the power to set aside land for protection is all but out the window. This affects our mountains because that will the freedom for strip mining operations, fracking (and all its byproducts) and public access to off road destruction that happens if the mountains are unregulated.


Years ago we finally banned potentially harmful pesticides in our country. This made it difficult, but we found better ways to farm that did not cause health issues to surrounding areas as well as the food supply chain. Well this administration has decided that the ban was senseless, the people most interested in this reversal was surprisingly were golf course owners, not the farmers. This is insane since most golf courses have some sort of water around them, man-made or natural. The seepage of chemicals into the groundwater could and has had lasting effect on the ecosystem, wildlife, people and communities.


The most profound reversal was the Inclusion of greenhouse gas emissions. This affects industry output but moreover on car and truck emissions released into the atmosphere. Anyone who has ever live in a large city probably has experienced Smog alerts or brown outs. People are advised to stay indoors as much as possible, but the present administration believes that this is a silly law.

Americans are in full support of the environmental organisations that are taking the government to court. They definitely have a huge challenge ahead of them, since the present administration does not believe any of the reversals implemented are a problem.