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Advice On Taking A Lawyer’s Job On Environment Conservation

With growing awareness about environment and its conservation, steps are taken at every level to ensure a sustainable living environment. Various laws have been implemented to look after issues associated with environmental problems. If individuals or corporations are found breaching environmental acts, they are liable for penalties and prosecutions. However, very few individuals take up a job in this legal field despite immense opportunities. If you wish to make a great career in law, think about becoming an environmental lawyer.

Things to know before taking up a job as an environmental attorney

Environment law firms handle various cases related to environmental conservation. It is important to do some research before applying for a post in any such law firm. You should make sure that you understand your job details, education need for the post and what to expect when looking for a job and after you get a job.

Working in environmental law

An environmental attorney’s job will include preparing case papers, working with clients as well as going to trial. Environment conservation law stresses on businesses and individuals that have violated the welfare of the environment. A lot of attention is paid to businesses that harm the ecology and fail to adhere to environmental safety.


To land an environmental attorney job, you ought to go to law school and college, and pass the bar examination of the state where you want to practice. Your study tenure will involve courses in the areas of law including administrative as well as alternative dispute resolution. Additionally, you may want to take up specific courses relating to environmental law such as ecology, conservation, air pollution and Federal Natural Resource Law.

Job outlook and remuneration

A career in the legal field of environment has an average growth rate as estimated by government economists. However, the growth rate is expected to be slightly higher as the environmental issues continue to dominate the minds of the public and the government. The rate of growth in this legal field also depends on the status of current attorneys. Since majority of lawyers go for specialization in family law, corporate and personal injury, it leaves a lot of room for new lawyers in the area of environment.

You have the option to practice as an independent lawyer, but it is suggested to become a part of an established law firm in the beginning. Once you attain proficiency and experience, you can practice as an independent attorney or open your own consultancy. No matter your decision, a post as an environmental attorney specializing in conservation is certainly remunerative. Just be sure you adhere to the above guidelines and you could be on the path to making a great career as an environment lawyer.