Know the Difference Between Wrongful Death and Survival Statutes

Wrongful death is a widely covered area of law in which a family contents that their loved one dies as a result of wrongful actions of another person. Wrongful death – what is a survival statute? Ordinarily, death is thought to be inevitable, but death arising out of lack of care is certainly preventable. Whether it’s a  Metro bus accident or a rig explosion, wrongful death is adequately catered for in law to allow the family or relatives of the deceased to seek for damages. Closely related to wrongful death is survival statutes which relates to the action being brought against the representatives of the deceased in the event that he or dies before the case is completed.

Survival statutes for in wrongful death claims

If you are injured because of negligence of a person such as a doctor for failure to exercise reasonable care and you begin a case, the law provides that you can proceed with the case and seek compensation even if the plaintiff dies or unrelated causes before the actual settlement is reached. Many people are ignorant of the law and end up leaving their case simply because the defendant died.

Your lawyer will be able to invoke the requisite provisions of the law and apply them to your specific case for you to be guaranteed of your compensation. With the help of a wrongful death lawyer, you can file your compensation claims against the deceased plaintiff’s estate representatives with a view to continue with litigation. It is worthy noting that if a plaintiff succumbs to the injuries leading to the case, his or her representatives may convert the case to wrongful death. Generally, many jurisdictions guarantee that the actions will not stop but instead proceed.

The defendant cannot avoid a civil suit just because he or she died. For example, take a case of a woman who is inattentive to her baby and dies during the wrongful death case, the case cannot be stopped simply because she died. This is because the plaintiff still maintains his or her right to seek for compensation.

Wrongful death suits are challenging and requires that a plaintiff as well as a defendant finds an experienced lawyer to help them file a strong case for a reasonable compensation. It is important to know your facts of the case and understand that the facts are needed to help substantiate the case. Have you been a victim of wrongful death or your loved one? You need to move with speed to file a case before the expiry of the statute of limitation. A good lawyer understands that the case before him or her is delicate and requires a careful mind to handle it. A reliable lawyer is all you need to put forward a case that can take a case to a level that would guarantee a fairly reasonable case.

Sustainability Initiative

Environmentalism: Initiatives To Protect The Environment

The world is now seeing an unsustainable level of consumption that is destructive to the environment. Discourse on climate change, for example, has plagued the mainstream media wherein experts weigh in on the adverse and irreversible damage that human activities has caused on the environment. This is mainly due to things like car exhaust which aside from being dangerous to the environment, also end up often requiring aid from Beverly Hills car accident lawyers because of the more direct physical effect cars can have on humans. Temperatures have continued to rise at unprecedented levels, causing ice caps to melt and sea levels to rise. This has been identified as among the factors that have put to risk entire populations living in coastal areas. There are several more identified environmental changes, such as high levels of extinction in bio-diverse forests, an irreversible change in the world’s ecosystem, and other such incidents.

Many experts point to the unregulated business explorations, as well as the free market system, that continues to trigger the collapse of the environment at an alarming rate. The industrialization of many countries has created pollution in unprecedented and harmful levels; mining and logging concessions has led to the deforestation and destruction of thousands of hectares; and human production, consumption, and waste is severely interfering with the natural processes occurring in the environment. This has led to several initiatives from different sectors, particularly those pro-environment sections of society who have seen or experienced firsthand the chilling effects of the destruction of the environment.

What is Environmentalism?

Environmentalism is a movement that seeks to advocate against harmful human activities that affect nature. Proponents have long put forward suggestions and resolutions to reduce the damage that populations inflict on the environment — from political, economic, to social initiatives. Climate justice, for example, is a growing call of environmentalists who consider it preposterous for small, coastline nations to primarily suffer the effects of rising sea level when these nations have little contribution to the level of green house gases in the atmosphere.

This movement aims to promote mechanisms to protect the environment and wherever possible, start healing. The initiatives vary from small-time efforts to reduce the use of plastic, to changing and pressuring governments to adapt and follow international agreements limiting the level of green house gas emissions per country. The United Nations, for example, has institutionalized and ramped up its measures on protecting the environment by regularizing an Environment Programme in the United Nations, where conferences on climate change and other environmental issues are tackled between and among various stakeholders.

Recent developments agreed upon in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) is the commitment of countries to keep global temperature from rising above 2 degree Celsius. This includes the pursuance of certain efforts to meet the said target. Almost all countries are signatories to this convention, except Syria and most recently, the United States, which announced its withdrawal last June 2017.

Environmentalism also has different approaches. There is free market environmentalism which still puts emphasis on businesses and corporations to find means to promote the protection of the environment in the conduct of their respective businesses. These are the tenets of green capitalism which seeks to produce technology that are environment-friendly, compensating for the damages done by certain industries to the environment.


Enviromental Organizations Fight The Fight

If for one second we think Americans do not care, millions of dollars are pouring into environmental organisations for legal battles that are fighting for our country’s forests, oceans, mountains, lakes, farmlands, and cities survival. The current president’s fight on American soil began the minute he took office. His plan to dismantle the EPA started by putting someone at the helm that does not believe in climate control changing rules and regulations on affecting all these things as well as the very air we breathe.

Forests and Parklands

Some of the top environmental organizations are challenging the reversal of some of the laws that protect our parks and forest lands. Natural parks climate order was reversed. This law required park stewards to plan and protect these lands based on scientific evidence in making decisions about the land. From effects of wildlife preservation to allowing pipe lines and other industries take parklands to giving the Park and Forest stewards the proper tools to carry out their jobs has all been put to the wayside under this administration.

Oceans and Lakes

There are at least 10 or environmental organizations fighting for the survival of Ocean and Lake wild life. Protections that have been revoked are protections on many fish and including the sea turtles. Off shore drilling protection has been dropped as well as the rule against toxic discharge into our waterways, these are laws/rules that protected our water, ecosystem and food supplies.


Rules reversed pertaining to our glorious mountains are methane reporting, fracking and coal production pertaining to emissions allowed into our atmosphere. The national monument law that gives presidents the power to set aside land for protection is all but out the window. This affects our mountains because that will the freedom for strip mining operations, fracking (and all its byproducts) and public access to off road destruction that happens if the mountains are unregulated.


Years ago we finally banned potentially harmful pesticides in our country. This made it difficult, but we found better ways to farm that did not cause health issues to surrounding areas as well as the food supply chain. Well this administration has decided that the ban was senseless, the people most interested in this reversal was surprisingly were golf course owners, not the farmers. This is insane since most golf courses have some sort of water around them, man-made or natural. The seepage of chemicals into the groundwater could and has had lasting effect on the ecosystem, wildlife, people and communities.


The most profound reversal was the Inclusion of greenhouse gas emissions. This affects industry output but moreover on car and truck emissions released into the atmosphere. Anyone who has ever live in a large city probably has experienced Smog alerts or brown outs. People are advised to stay indoors as much as possible, but the present administration believes that this is a silly law.

Americans are in full support of the environmental organisations that are taking the government to court. They definitely have a huge challenge ahead of them, since the present administration does not believe any of the reversals implemented are a problem.


Grassroots Activism Is Effective

Grassroots activism is gaining steam in its effectiveness and popularity as a tool for change. Grassroots activism is a termed used to describe a social change, that is brought about or whose need is brought to attention, by a small group of average citizens with no high ranking political position or power in any affiliation. To make it even more simple, it is a movement for change enacted by everyday people and not a political party.

It starts with a small group of people with the same idea. Several grassroots movements have been born from a small collective of people that could be neighbors, co-workers, or just friends. The idea to make a change typically comes from an injustice that is not being addressed by larger law making entities. It is common for these issue to have been presented time and again by private citizens or smaller entities, but ignored or dismissed by larger law making factions.

Grassroots activism and movements are becoming popular because they are easy to start, no cause is off limits, and with hard work and endurance, it has been proven to enact substantial change. Anyone make the decision to create a grassroots movement. Any topic or cause can be made into a movement. The validity and importance of your topic or cause will be reflected in the support gathered.

Important and popular grassroots movements have enacted profound and wide-reaching change and attention. Several important environmental causes have had their beginnings in grassroots activism. A current example is the movement created by the Standing Rock Sioux Indian tribe protesting the construction and use of the Dakota Access pipeline.

Several grassroots environmental organizations have also become publicity behemoths worldwide. One such famous organization is Greenpeace. A public protest, against an Alaskan nuclear bomb testing in 1969, was perpetuated by a married couple and their friends. They perpetuated the singular protest into a continuing protest for the several subsequent bomb tests that would follow the 1969 bombing. The need to bring more environmental atrocities to the attention of the public became clear and Greenpeace was born. What was once a local cause perpetuated by a few people is now a world-wide organization that has helped to enact several legislations and laws protecting the environment and animals.

Grassroots activism is an effective tool for change that can be used by anyone. There are no limitations as to who can start a movement and what the movement is about. All it takes is an idea that is shared by a few others and some dedication.

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Advice On Taking A Lawyer’s Job On Environment Conservation

With growing awareness about environment and its conservation, steps are taken at every level to ensure a sustainable living environment. Various laws have been implemented to look after issues associated with environmental problems. If individuals or corporations are found breaching environmental acts, they are liable for penalties and prosecutions. However, very few individuals take up a job in this legal field despite immense opportunities. If you wish to make a great career in law, think about becoming an environmental lawyer.

Things to know before taking up a job as an environmental attorney

Environment law firms handle various cases related to environmental conservation. It is important to do some research before applying for a post in any such law firm. You should make sure that you understand your job details, education need for the post and what to expect when looking for a job and after you get a job.

Working in environmental law

An environmental attorney’s job will include preparing case papers, working with clients as well as going to trial. Environment conservation law stresses on businesses and individuals that have violated the welfare of the environment. A lot of attention is paid to businesses that harm the ecology and fail to adhere to environmental safety.


To land an environmental attorney job, you ought to go to law school and college, and pass the bar examination of the state where you want to practice. Your study tenure will involve courses in the areas of law including administrative as well as alternative dispute resolution. Additionally, you may want to take up specific courses relating to environmental law such as ecology, conservation, air pollution and Federal Natural Resource Law.

Job outlook and remuneration

A career in the legal field of environment has an average growth rate as estimated by government economists. However, the growth rate is expected to be slightly higher as the environmental issues continue to dominate the minds of the public and the government. The rate of growth in this legal field also depends on the status of current attorneys. Since majority of lawyers go for specialization in family law, corporate and personal injury, it leaves a lot of room for new lawyers in the area of environment.

You have the option to practice as an independent lawyer, but it is suggested to become a part of an established law firm in the beginning. Once you attain proficiency and experience, you can practice as an independent attorney or open your own consultancy. No matter your decision, a post as an environmental attorney specializing in conservation is certainly remunerative. Just be sure you adhere to the above guidelines and you could be on the path to making a great career as an environment lawyer.

Environmental Law

Pre-requisites Of Environmental Law

Environmental law is a branch of law that deals with the preservation of the environment and natural resources. It entails a combination of international treaties, federal and state laws, customary and common laws that must be observed by the citizens. Most of the time, it entails the protection of the environment against different types of pollution, depletion of non-renewable minerals and materials as well as climatic changes that may result from human activities. In most cases, it also involves deliberate action taken by the government and other stakeholders to restore the environment in cases where it has been polluted or destroyed.

The importance of environmental law cannot be overstated. Human beings depend on the environment for their food, water, air and raw materials for different industries. In the event that the environment is not preserved, all these resources can be depleted. Without sufficient food, water and clean air, human life is at threat. Therefore environmental preservation is essential for continuity of the human species. In addition to this, animals also depend on the environment for the food, water and habitat and they would also be threatened in the face of depletion and pollution.

Environmental law in essence establishes the guidelines and frameworks for environmental management which are then used by different agencies in ensuring that all human activities have the minimal impact on the environment. Every individual is expected to allow for time for the government or other regulatory authorities to carry out detailed environmental impact assessment before any construction activities, manufacture and processing of different items can commence. The lack therefore of such assessments are punishable by law. Every firm should have in depth understanding of environmental law to prevent breaches that may result in prosecution. In addition, every firm should involve a specialised environmental law attorney in every major assessment in order to ensure that their interpretation of the law is at par and consequently to facilitate compliance.

Environmental law also establishes the penalties that accrue if the set laws are not adhered to. In most cases, environmental destruction cases are treated as civil cases where penalties and fines are imposed for violations and non-compliance. However, in some cases, flaunting environmental law may qualify as criminal cases. It is also the branch of law that allows the public to participate in decisions on activities that may have impact on the environment. Essentially, it allows the public to hold the government and other regulatory authorities accountable for activities that have a great impact on the environment. In cases where some breaches may escape the eye of the government, these laws allows third parties to defend their environment through prosecution of those responsible for the breach.

Environmental legislation

Environmentalism Legislation Is A Growing Field For Lawyers

Environmentalism legislation or environmental law is a collective term that describes statues and regulations addressing the consequences of human activities on the natural environment. The core law addresses pollution of the nature. While the law is not newly enforced, it is now well implemented these days due to growing awareness of sustainable life among people all over the world. This has led to immense growth opportunities in the legal field related to environment.

From how you carry groceries to washing clothes, even the smallest thing in your day to day life is affected by the green movement. Issues like oil spills and global warming are hot topics, and this has evolved a growing trend in the world of environmental law. Legal minds of all backgrounds and ages are planning to include environmental legislation to their skills.

Today, the environment law field works on creating statues on a variety of policy issues including pollution control, land development and protection, and resource management and conservation. Once considered as a niche practice area, the legal field of environment has now loomed into a massive law body that touches various social issues. As such, it is a vastly growing field when you take into account the complexities of the industry and the policy issues encompassed within the environmental law.

As lawyers get into the field, they become involved in pressing social and natural issues that will have implications that extend to the whole world. The zeal associated with policy creation that affects environmental issues as well as global economics, foreign trade is now a constant draw among lawyers who are searching for diverse ways to effect change. With the growth of firms and companies, it is not unusual to have at least one practitioner dedicated to environmental legislation.

Opportunities exist at almost all government levels, and nearly all schools are teaching the environmental law. The opportunity is growing at a rapid pace, and the need for lawyers is growing fast. Aside from higher pay scale, the desire to save the nature is another driving force associated with the field. As such, a career as an environmentalism legislation lawyer is something that is lucrative as well as fulfilling to any lawyer.


Introducing You To Greenpeace

Greenpeace is an environmental agency that doesn’t have any governmental connections. Today, they have offices in over 40 countries. They also have an international coordinating body in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Founded in 1071 by Irving Stowe from Canada and Dorothy Stowe from the United States, these ex-pat environmentalists wanted to make sure that the Earth could continue nurturing diverse lifeforms. The organization focuses its campaigning on issues throughout the world. These include climate change, deforestation, overfishing, commercial whaling, genetic engineering, and anti-nuclear issues.

Through a combination of direct action, lobbying, research, and ecotage (sabotage carried out for ecological reasons) Greenpeace works to meet its goals. These activities are funded by entities that aren’t connected to businesses, political parties, or the government. Instead, they’re funded through a combination of grants and 2.9 million individual supporters.

Greenpeace is known for offering consultation to the United Nations Economic and Social Council. They’re also a founding member of the INGO Accountability Charter, which is an international, non-governmental organization that fosters accountability and transparency between such organizations. They’ve also managed to raise the awareness of environmental issues in the public eye. As such, the organization enjoys both public and private awareness.

Over the years Greenpeace has also been the source of many controversies. They’ve been criticized for both their motives and their methods, especially since some of their methods have been illegal. Many of their activists have received fines.

One of the most notorious of these cases was over genetically modified organisms (GMO). More than 100 Nobel laureates urged them to end this campaign. However, they continue fighting against GMOs even today. In doing so, some of their activists have damaged the Nazca Lines, a UN World Heritage site in Peru. For doing so they’ve received fines and suspended sentences.

Over the years Greenpeace has been involved in lobbying against many issues These include climate, energy, nuclear power, oil, forests, toxic waste, and saving the Arctic. The way the organization has spoken out and lobbied in these matters has often been criticized. Nevertheless, many people still feel that the organization is doing great work and so they choose to continue supporting it.